Monsters and Lost Bunnies: ‘Burning Words’ is a Wrap

burning words for monsters and bunniesToday I received a lovely note from a friend about ‘Burning Words’ – my installation for last Saturday’s  Art in the Open. The response to the work has been overwhelmingly positive. Attention to detail payed off, as Spawn said it would.

My projects usually involve orchestrating experiences for viewer/participants, but I focus primarily on the physical bones of what I consider to be ‘my end’ and dare not consider what the viewer/participant might – for want of a better word – feel.

This forgetting allows for moments of revelation once the work is installed. Like when the two, tiny viewer/participants pictured above sent out calls for ‘no more monster nightmares’ and safe passage for a recently diseased pet.

I believe the phenomenon – this not considering what might happen if what you orchestrate actually works – is somehow akin to a newborn’s first smile. It arrives just in time – always when you are exhausted and often when you are near your wits end – and is therefore a phenomenon on which future propagation depends.

And art too begets art. I still haven’t unpacked the truck from last Saturday and have, instead, spent the entire day in the studio working on my now current project.  I love it. I am riding the wave. Thank you,  Art in the Open. At four years old you are still a newborn’s first smile.

This morning via social media:

Will try to say how much I loved your installation. The tidy domesticity, the idea of burning our heritage, the warmth and coziness, the goddam excitement of the inferno, the textiles, (did you pull the red ties out of the woven plaid?), the impermanence of words, the perfect etherealness of words, time and the goddam alarm clock, your impeccable safety measures and taste.

dave's burning wordsPhoto by Dave Morrow

maggie's burning wordsPhoto by Maggie Brown



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