Artist in my residence

IMG_0355Spawn packed up today and I reckon as I post this he is somewhere over Upper Canada – the bag with the oils and acrylics and many, many bottles of arty fluids, having made it through security.

I will miss him terribly. He was remarkable helpful with the three projects I tackled this summer. It was so very nice to have in-house consultation and this makes me hopeful for my dream of one day living in a tiny house and storing the cumbersome art supplies in an off-sight, shared studio space.

I fancy myself a bit of a loner, but when it comes to making work, I am tremendously reliant on others. I am hopeful that a kick-ass, shared studio space will be available in this remarkable small town when the job that pays is over and I am ready to tackle this art stuff full time.

Spawn will have graduated by then and perhaps be in a position to assist financially.


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