Artist Statement

don heiz 900x1200

photo by Don Heisz

My arts practice focuses on domestic artifacts and lived experience. I make work with collections of documents, objects, and images housed in the home to trace habits, people, activities, and evolving memory. My performance practice explores the labour required to maintain households and the identities embodied in that work.

As an artist, I am interested in what is revealed and what is concealed when artists and viewers/participants make choices. My methodology seeks to constantly witness – and document – evolving understandings about the meaning and significance of domestic labour and physical objects and memorabilia. Research, ongoing futile documentation and archival processes are important aspects of my work.

My interdisciplinary arts practice is rooted in a keen interest in epistemology and phenomenology, and the nature and limits of both perception and representation. My practice affords unique opportunities for considering knowledge issues and the limits of perception through research, studio practice, and my final disseminated forms – installations, performances, and participatory viewer experiences designed to raise questions about what is knowable through subjective encounters with both art and everyday objects.

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