Recent Exhibitions

All Together Now! (but Madonna’s bathtub is marble)

Currently on view as part of Remote Transmissions – a group exhibition by members of the Peake Street Collective at Receiver Coffee, Victoria Row, Charlottetown

Get Well Soon!

Vintage hand embroidery is altered to juxtapose text excerpts from two household collections disparate in tone and nature: A tongue in cheek rolodex of humorous things the artist has said aloud while alone in her Charlottetown home since 2012, and correspondence with healthcare professionals related to mental health diagnoses in 1998 and 2005. Solo exhibition curated by this town is small, November, 2020.

Go ‘Way From my Window, 2020 in the collection of Confederation Centre of the Arts
Depressive Symptomology, 2020, in the private collection of Max Knechtel
Pill List, 2020
Difficulty Coping, 2020 in the private collection of Donald Andrus and Eun-Mee Yang

Who’s Your Mother?

Group exhibition at Confederation Centre Art Gallery, 2018