Eggplant Italiano

Eggplant Italiano was installed as part of Glory Hole @ The Gallery at the Guild in November, 2018. Great fun. My submission is the bastard child of two ongoing works: an exploration of the performative household tasks associated with hosting, and an archival collection of retired, personal care soldiers.  

What you put away.

For more than three years I have experimented with various studio configurations in my home. What is working well at the moment is a versatile arrangement on the main floor. Work surfaces can be rearranged to seat eight to ten for dinner – something that has happened only twice since I moved here but an […]


Yesterday I lopped off and dyed my hair grey. I think I like it. I am posting this here because in my mind the decision to stop fussing with root touch-ups is somehow linked to my summer apprenticeship with John G Boehme. I am not entirely sure why. I know that during a time of […]