So, that’s not happening.

IMG_0262_2 I’ve been slowly acquiring a collection of velvet, satin, and brass fittings for making cases for precious artifacts. The materials have roots in an on line self-portrait exchange with Becka Viau and, more specifically, Viau’s work as the Queen.  Beyond knowing where the concept germinated, I have no idea where it is going.

Convinced the velvet boxes might work as part of my piece for L’Acadie mythique, a traveling exhibition my work will join in early October, I hauled the collection out of storage. After much trial and error, it became clear the materials were not working and – given my addiction to cleaning up after myself – it’s back to the cupboard for now.

It was not all for nothing, however. Thinking about the objects destined for the boxes led to experiments photographing the objects themselves, and in homage to the role the fabrics played in arriving at this new idea, they were the first things photographed in the preliminary tests.




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