You can whine all you want about deadlines, but it’s a very nice feeling when you stick it out. Finishing means starting something new. It’s like the first day of class when all your notebooks are empty and your pencils are sharp.

Last week I finished my piece for Peake Street’s self-portrait show, “I, Defined” and helped with the install and opening. The show’s run at the small town market gallery doesn’t end until mid-September so there’s time to breath. Well, breath and get ready for the next event, Art in the Open, 2014.

In the midst of preparations for “I, Defined” the baskets arrived for my Art in the Open piece and I am really pleased. Today is a lovely day for mock-ups in the back yard and a visit to the actual site in Connaught Square. Here we go again! IMG_0204 IMG_0209


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