Domestic and Pragmatic

01 Memory Oven

Acadian Memory Oven – Sculpture for Biscuits

Spawn is home for the summer and art students fresh from year one have a lot to say about arty stuff. And some of his observations about my practice have been liberating.

What I like most about my annual break-from-the-job-that-pays-the-bills is the pace and variety in my summer work. I really don’t ‘take the summers off’ in any way, shape or form, but I can sometimes beat myself up about how little time I seem to be spending in the studio proper.

Spawn sees my time away from art tasks differently and, on good days like today, I do as well. My work is rooted in domesticity and pragmatism. Witness the Acadian Memory Oven’s capacity to bake biscuits or my Art in the Open, 2014 piece which will involve ordering my winter wood well in advance of the usual late fall scramble. Puttering, list making, it’s all part of the the arty stuff.


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