well, this is embarassing…

badfoodWe made a real effort and were off to a great start, but today I did the tally on the shared expenses associated with eating during the run-up to Art in the Open, and, well, yeah: We fell off the wagon.

I lost almost 20 pounds this time last year in the run-up to my degree show. This was because A) I didn’t have a car and was picking up vats of plaster on my bicycle, B) I was stressed because, while balancing vats of plaster on my head, I was driving my bicycle on the ‘wrong’ side of the road in Cardiff  and I theorize this resulted in stress-related isometrics and C) I was doing a lot of shared cooking with a close friend who is a doctor in both ceramics and vegetarianism.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 1.19.10 PMSo, here’s my penance for giving in to S & M Sweet Creations (sorry, that’s S & S and I’ll post about their peanut butter cup cupcake at another time because it is both a work of art and an experience and therefore is a cupcake which speaks to my practice):

I hereby promise to submit to the Small town cui-Zine project, two staple recipes for those who plan to get busy in the arts. They are economical, easy and lifesavers if you want to prevent drifting from belt hole number three to belt hole number two. I’m currently on belt hole number one, but in fairness, these are my stand-up pants.

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