where’s the bathroom on the right? getting it wrong in the arts

In the Spring of 2012, I took part in a group exhibition in Cardiff, Wales. You Don’t Know Me – curated by Sara Annwyl – was the second in a series of exhibitions in domestic spaces titled, Everyone back to mine.

Sara wrote the catalog entry for my piece based on numerous conversations about the work I was doing at the time and our respective practices. Zoom in to see what Sara wrote:

you don't know me
And here is CCR’s Bad Moon Rising. Listen until you come to the line, ‘there’s a bad moon on the rise’.

Now the thing is, for the longest time, I thought that line, ‘there’s a bad moon on the rise’ was, ‘there’s a bathroom on the right.’ I remember the day I realized my error and I remember how excited I was.

Learning has a palpable nature and it’s fun like the fun of an unexpected sneeze. Situated in both body and consciousness, the ‘learning feeling’ is a repositioning of both the self and belief. It happens all the time in arts practice and also in healthy debates where participants are willing to alter their original position.

When I first read Sara’s description of my piece, I thought she got it all horribly wrong. I really, really liked what she had written, but was uncertain my work at the time was reversing the ‘material to virtual’ dynamic.

The funny thing is, projects I am working on a year later seem to be doing just that, or at the very least headed in that direction. This makes me particularly happy because, if I have parsed the experience correctly, it is a case of being wrong about being wrong. Which kinda’ makes me right. I think.

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