brutal news

I am chuffed! I’ve been selected for the 2013 this town is small  mentored residency.

This means, in one week’s time, I begin work with Will Robinson on a project he has planned for Art in the Open.

In the black vacuum of post MFA artistic despair (October, 2012 – July, 2013), I remember sitting in my truck in my driveway to finish listening to Will’s interview with Veronica Simmonds  about sound and brutalist architecture. It lifted my spirits somewhat because it made me think of my own practice – something I was loath to do at the time. And what I thought was, ‘fuck me, I never think about sound.’

I have a hunch that following two weeks with Will, I may have a hard time un-thinking sound. And this has me quite chuffed as well.

brutalist detail from work in progress: archive of memory objects based on a yellow sticky with notes on Will Robinson’s practice.

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