There will be cussing in this blog.

A while back, I made a decision not to censor my facebook status updates. This is reasonably responsible as I have a rule about not adding young family members or students to my contacts list. I do have a few ex-student contacts, but they are all grown up and cuss for themselves now. I taught them well.

And I am amazed by how ‘freeing’ the decision has been. I have a potty mouth. This is me. Cussing is my go-to vernacular and part of who I am.

Of course, if you want to talk about how cussing relates to lack of character or vocabulary, I’d be more than willing to do so. I would, however, ask that prior to our discussion you visit the two links below . And it might be a nice idea to bring wine and a nice snack.

Stephen Fry on cussing

Steven Pinker on cussing

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